A Charles Wesley Time Line

(to download a copy of the timeline: A Charles Wesley Timeline)

1707 Dec. 18 Born at Epworth
1709 Feb. 9 Rescued from Epworth Rectory fire
1716 Enters Westminster School
1726 Enters Christ Church College, Oxford
1730 Receives B.A., becomes tutor at Oxford
1733 Receives M.A.
1735 25-Apr Father, Samuel dies
Sept. 21 Ordained deacon of Church of England by Dr. John Potter, Bishop of Oxford
Sept. 24 Appointed secretary for Indian Affairs, American colony of Georgia
Sept. 29 Ordained priest of the Church of England by Dr. Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London
Oct. 14 Charles and John embark at Gravesend on the ship Simmonds for Georgia; during the voyage they encounter on board the Moravians’ deep Christian faith and singing
1736 Feb. 5 Land in Savannah
March Proceeds to Frederica where he takes up his ministry
9-Mar Begins his Journal
26-Jul Leaves Georgia overland for Charleston where he embarks for England; becomes severely ill prior to departure and during the voyage; ship docks at Boston for repairs for ca. one month; Preaches in Boston at King’s Chapel and Christ Church, both Church of England parishes
Dec. 3 Lands in Deal, England and proceeds to London
1737 Meets Moravian leader, Count Zinzendorf, in London
1738 Meets Moravian Peter Bohler whom he begins teaching English
Apr. 3 Resigns his Georgia secretaryship
21-May (Pentecost) experiences “conversion”
24-May John Wesley has life-transforming experience at a Society meeting in Aldersgate Street in London
1739 Begins major publications of hymn/poems with brother John: Hymns and Sacred Poems; first Methodist house of worship is established: “New Room” at Bristol
John Wesley purchases an abandoned Foundery and converts it into the primary gathering place of London Methodists
29-May Preaches outdoors for the first time
Nov. 6 Brother Samuel dies
1742 Preaches in the north of England with brother John for the first time; they establish their first orphanage and Sunday School
23-Jul Mother Susanna dies
1744 First Methodist Conference held at the Foundery; Methodist districts are established throughout England
1747 Sept. 9-March 20, 1748 Visits Ireland for the first time
1748 Aug. 13-Oct. 8 Visits Ireland for the second time
1749 Publishes two volume work Hymns and Sacred Poems independently of John
Apr. 8 Marries Sarah Gwynne; officiant is John
Sept. 1 Acquires house in Charles Street,  Bristol
1752 Aug. Son John Wesley is born (Note: Charles and Sarah Wesley had eight children but only three–Charles Jr., Sarah, and Samuel– survived infancy. John, Martha Maria, Susannah, Selina and John James all died between 1753 and 1768 and were buried in Bristol.)
1755 Conference held at which separation of Methodist Societies from the Church of England is intensely debated; Charles strongly urges unity
1756 ends itinerant ministry and settles in Bristol; Conference reaffirms unity of the Society and the Church of England
1757 Dec. 11 Son Charles Jr. is born
1759 Apr.1 Daughter Sarah is born
1762 Publishes Short Hymns on Select Passages of the Holy Scriptures independently of John
1766 Son Samuel is born
1771 Begins preaching regularly in London and moves to Chesterfield Street, Marylebone, London
1778 City Road Chapel, London is opened
1788 Mar. 29 Charles Wesley dies
Apr. 5 Charles Wesley is buried in Maryleborne churchyard
1822 Dec. 22 Sarah Wesley (wife) dies

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