Publications Order Form

 The CWS has resources available to order. Here is the form to fill out in order to do so. Order forms must be mailed with payment to:

The  Charles Wesley Society
P.O. Box 127
36 Madison Ave.
Madison, NJ 07940

Outside U.S.A., orders should go to:

The Charles Wesley Society
Dr. Peter S. Forsaith
66 Besselsleigh Road
Wootton, Abingdon

Oxfordshire OX13 6DX

Please direct inquiries to:

Order Form 12 2012

1 Response to Publications Order Form

  1. marsha clark says:

    (May you take this in the fun spirit in which it is intended….) Our study class feels that Charles Wesley is being ignored by Cokesbury in that it offers a John Wesley bobblehead for sale
    [ ]
    but poor Charles is ignored. If not by the CWS, would anyone bemoan this neglect to correct it?


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